Welcome to Sri prabanjam trust

 This Deed of declaration of Public Charitable Trust

Give a Poor Child Care and Education

Poverty is killing each poor people day by day. These are the days many children become an orphans and they  don’t know to lead their life in right way by giving a donation or becoming a sponsor for a child, you will help us give a poor child care and education.

Our charity organization is very effective in terms of providing help.  We believe that the only way to eradicate poverty is through education and teaching the new generation how to fight corruption.

Hundreds of poor children are listed and waiting for a sponsor. The child you choose to sponsor will be yours only and you can follow his / her educational developments.

Sri Prabanjam Trust Welcomes Your Goodwill and Charity Donation

You can support our charity organization by giving a donation to an area of your choice. If you wish, your name or your organization’s name can be shown on Sri Prabanjam Charitable Trust’s public donation list below.

1.      Dr. Chandersekar – Eye foundation – Coimbatore

2.      Mr. Alexaner       –   Business – Coimbatore

3.      Mr. Merfin           –   Megiddo Music Academy  – Mettupalayam

How you can help us

Just call at +91 – 9894237344 to make a donation